Planetary EP

by Machinotic

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Thanks for everyone's support throughout making this EP. It has many influences in its notes, but for those who were the primary ones, you know who you are.

Each song has a chapter of story dedicated to it because that's how I roll. I find it most effect to read each chapter while listening to the respective songs.



Chapter 1 - "Commence"

Captain Enders leans back his chair and gazes at the stars through his cracked sun roof. As the light hits the shattered pane, bright particles are sent sprawling throughout Enders' decrepit office. He was to be the greatest explorer of them all, once upon a time. Yet here he sat, delivering speeches on the endless void of space by day and fixing ships under private instruction by night. The door to his office swung open violently as Enders' took the last sip of his drink.

"Captain, the S.S. Nerika is ready."

The S.S. Nerika was Captain Enders only child. A ship built to withstand whatever space could throw at it. Asteroids, lightning storms, the Nerika could handle them all. This was his chance. Enders' closed his eyes and envisioned the stars within reach.

"Bring her around," He motioned.


Chapter 2 - "Nerika"

When they left Earth in the S.S. Nerika, Captain Enders didn't look back. As they cleared the atmosphere, Enders looked down at the photograph gripped tightly in his hand.

His true love.

Enders thought back to when they first met. Long conversations about the discovery of habitable worlds in the galaxy. Intimate discussion of their future lives on distant planets. She always bragged that she would be the one to take him there, carrying him on her back. She was his cure to the mundane and brain splitting military life that pushed his brain past its boundaries.

She was his all.

Nerika sailed smoothly out of the Milky Way with Enders on board. Enders glanced down at his photograph one last time before gazing out at the sight of vast, beautiful space. Stars were visible throughout the void, each with their own dozen planets hypnotically spinning in circles.

The space seemed to call out to him, sucking his mind into its chaotic clarity. His brain spun like the planets and his vision blurred as the endless openness claimed him and the military chatter droned from behind.

Nerika carried him on.


Chapter 3 - "Gliese 581 G"

Warning sirens blare around the S.S. Nerika as Captain Enders struggles against the asteroids polluting his path. His thoughts immediately turn to Gliese 581 g. To any other captain, asteroids would be a bad omen. However, Enders can't help but think back to his life on Earth and a quote his father continually beat into his memory,

"Danger breeds discovery."

These asteroids meant Gliese 581 g, he knew it. The planet all scientist refused to believe exist. The future of the human race. Enders raced to his quarters to look for the photograph of her. He scrambled through his belongings. This was her moment, this was their time.

"Captain, we need you at the deck!" Came a voice blaring over the PA system.

The alarms flooded back into Enders' ears and pried him out of his memories and away from his search. He arrived at the deck with nothing but the mission at mind, the hopes and dreams of both him and his crew bright and dedicated to the planet.

She was far from mind.


Final Chapter - "Enders' Colony"

Captain Enders' first mistake was reporting the discovery of Gliese back to the rest of humanity. His joy and passion of bringing this new world to the people was immediately squandered by the mass of government transports and construction ships that surrounded the planet only 2 weeks later. Enders look down from the view deck of the S.S. Nerika at the busy dust cloud of progress -- progress he knew was wrong. This beautiful planet was to be their home, not their slave. Humans swarmed the lands and seas, thousands of bodies sprawled across the stressed surface.

Enders thought back to his love. The joy of humanity he felt with her hand in his. The overwhelming desire to provide her with a new land. Was Gliese his selfish discovery? Was the anger he felt churning inside of him the result of lost possession? He buried his chin in the front collar of his jacket and slipped into thought.

Day by day the colonization of Gliese proceeded without hesitation. The collaboration of buildings and monuments on the land masses were becoming visible from the dusting windows of Nerika. Enders' had sent his crew down to the surface in the past weeks, day by day, one by one. He was the last left, eyes blazing each day at the colony. Countless transmissions were sent to his ship, begging Enders to descend to Gliese, to see his planet and be graciously commended for his discovery.

But this wasn't his planet, he thought constantly. This wasn't their planet either.

This was her planet. And she was still gone.


released September 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Machinotic Nashville, Tennessee

Jake Handy, known commercially as Machinotic, is an electronic musician currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Trained as a commercial & classical violinist, Machinotic's tunes focus primarily on minimalism in the instrumentals and immense ambience, creating a song that both relaxes and inspires. ... more

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